Why have you contacted me?

We have contacted you because you may be entitled to benefit from money or assets belonging to someone who has passed away, or other assets we have identified. It might be that you were named in a will, or if the deceased has died without leaving a will, you might be entitled to benefit from their estate because you are in some way related to the deceased. We always approach beneficiaries sensitively after making thorough enquiries. When someone dies without a will and they have no discernible family it falls to the law which dictates how the estate should be divided.

Why do I need to provide information about my family?

We may be researching a family tree to identify all the potential beneficiaries. This can take a lot of time and the information you give us will help with this process. By helping us you will have saved us time and costs involved in completing the research.

How much will I receive?

We are unable to provide this information to you as we rarely know the value of the monies involved or the total number of beneficiaries when we contact you.

Why can you not tell me what the matter is about?

Due to data protection and privacy laws we need to ensure that we release confidential information to people that are legally entitled to it. We need you to sign an agreement with us to ensure data is kept confidential and outside the public domain. It may also be the case that our client has instructed us to refrain from giving out too much information in which case we have to keep this in mind, whilst at the same to reassure you that you are dealing with a legitimate approach.

Why have you only contacted me but not the rest of my family?

Depending on the asset we have identified, it may be specific to the person we have contacted, in which case the rest of the family will not benefit. At other times we will make contact with one family member to enable us to be formally instructed after which we will then write to the rest of the family.

Can I contact you for an update?

You can email us on info@stiebellethbridge.co.uk or telephone 0121 769 0381 quoting your reference for an update at any time.

You will appreciate that most of the cases we deal with are historic and take at least 6 months to become clearer so keep this in mind before contacting us.


  • My brother had gone missing in Spain in 1995, and the family had no contact with him, ever since.  Stiebel Lethbridge & Co assisted us in tracing his assets, and having him presumed dead under the Presumption of Death Act 2013.  His assets were then successfully recovered in full, which we would not have received if they had not got involved
  • The firm approached me about an interest in a pension I did not know I had.  I had been estranged from my wife for 20 years, and learnt that she had since died.  I was her spouse for the purposes of her NHS pension, and they assisted me to claim it.  I received a lump sum payment and a pension for life.
  • I was approached by Stiebel Lethbridge & Co. It turned out that my late husband had not claimed his military pension from his time of serving in Northern Ireland in the 1980's.  It could not have come at a better time as my husband's anniversary of his death was fast approaching, and the money came in handy.

If we contact you it will be to bring a positive impact to your life. Find out more about who we are and how we can re-acquaint you with assets to which you may be entitled.

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