We are always on the look out for bright and creative individuals who think outside the box and having a genuine interest in the area we work.

Hard work, intense deadlines and exacting clients are expected in this line of work. With us you will also find a great social life and a culture where staff support one another, appreciate a sense of humour and encourage individual styles to emerge in the way we operate.

If you like what we do, and wish to join us, please email your CV to Henry Pinsker on

We are particularly interested to hear from persons who have worked in an investigative capacity, either in the public or private sector. We are also interested to hear from retired armed forces personnel who may be able to assist us on some cases.

We can offer a competitive package with the chance to work on interesting cases, and also the opportunity to travel abroad.

Stiebel Lethbridge & Co is an equal opportunities employers, and espouses diversity in the workplace.


  • My brother had gone missing in Spain in 1995, and the family had no contact with him, ever since.  Stiebel Lethbridge & Co assisted us in tracing his assets, and having him presumed dead under the Presumption of Death Act 2013.  His assets were then successfully recovered in full, which we would not have received if they had not got involved
  • The firm approached me about an interest in a pension I did not know I had.  I had been estranged from my wife for 20 years, and learnt that she had since died.  I was her spouse for the purposes of her NHS pension, and they assisted me to claim it.  I received a lump sum payment and a pension for life.
  • I was approached by Stiebel Lethbridge & Co. It turned out that my late husband had not claimed his military pension from his time of serving in Northern Ireland in the 1980's.  It could not have come at a better time as my husband's anniversary of his death was fast approaching, and the money came in handy.

If we contact you it will be to bring a positive impact to your life. Find out more about who we are and how we can re-acquaint you with assets to which you may be entitled.

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